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Helping people understand the world of autism

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Autism Acceptance Products

Autism and Bullying
Resources For Parents, Siblings and Loved Ones
Did you know that 66% of children with autism are bullied? That's three times the rate of their siblings and peers. With the incidence of autism currently ....
Check out our members only section that includes a lending library and two forums; one for parents and one for siblings. 
100% of the profits from the sales of our exclusive greeting cards, holiday cards, calendars and magnets is used to fund our educational programs.

Who Can Benefit From Our Programs?

Did you know that 66% of children with autism are bullied? That's three times the rate of their siblings and peers. While many schools have adopted anti bullying programs and actively encourage acceptance of every pupil, the distinctive behaviors exhibited by children with autism make them a target for bullies. "Understanding My Friends With Autism" is a program designed to help kids aged 5-11understand why their peers with autism act the way they do.
People with autism interact with adults in many different situations on a daily basis. It is not only the strangers that they come into contact with who often find it hard to deal with the many unique behaviors they exhibit; often the people charged to be their caregivers do not understand why they act the way they do and, as a result, they are unsure how to help them. "Welcome To My World" is a program designed to help them understand why people with autism act the way they do.

You Can Make a Difference
At Autism Atlas, we are commited to increasing acceptance of our children with autism and enriching their lives with the gift of friendship. None of this would be possible without the generous contributions of donors and volunteers. Any contribution, whether of time or money, brings us closer to reaching this goal. 

Words of Wisdom
Volunteering is encouraged for both groups and individuals. Please contact Jane Dunthorne at (570) 592 3694 or by clicking here if you are interested.

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