Helping People Understand The World Of Autism
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"Any and all teachers, administrators, friends, peers, case managers, psychologists, therapists, parents and siblings who know a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder can benefits from Jane Dunthorne's autism simulation program. No matter how much education or experience you have obtained, there is nothing more humbling, realistic and useful than a simulation. The only thing that might come closer to not only understanding but truely FEELING the symptomatology and sensory sensitivities of someone with an autism spectrum disorder would have to involve switching brains and bodies with them.... which, as far as I know, is impossible at this point in science." 
April E. Moran, MSEd, LPC​

"It really made me think about what my grandson goes through every day and helped me understand him more"     June W.

"I often wondered why a child I work with hated doing dot-to-dot..... Now I know why!"

"It brought tears to my eyes when I thought about how hard things can be for these kids"​​​​​​

"I never knew my son had sensitivities to things like this. When I think about it, it makes sense. When I hug him in the morning, before he is exposed to the world, his body is relaxed and still but when I hug him later in the evening, his body is constantly twitching. He is reacting to all the sensory exposure he has had to deal with through out the day. This program has opened my eyes and helped me understand why he does things and I think I'll be more patient and understanding from now on. Thank you."
Trevor D.​​​