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                  Understanding My Friends
​                              With Autism
                (School/Organization Edition)

                                          FLEXIBLE            FUN                UNIQUE                                               ​ INTERACTIVE​        INFORMATIVE

derstanding My Friends With Autism
 is a program designed for children ages 5–11, to help them understand why children with autism act the way they do.

​​​UNIQUE: Traditional Autism Awareness programs focus on what autism is and how people with autism behave. Understanding My Friends With Autism explains why children with autism act the way they do.

INFORMATIVE: ​The program explains why children with autism like her frequently stim, have meltdowns, walk away from others for no apparent reason or find it hard to have a conversation with others. It explains how sensory processing issues make life difficult for these children and how they find it hard to understand sarcasm, idioms and some jokes. It mentions the need for routines and how changes to their routine can be upsetting.

FUN and INTERACTIVE:​​ Participants perform simulation exercises to help them experience first hand how annoying sensory issues can be. They wear 'magic' glasses and play games all while learning how children with autism experience the world.

FLEXIBLE: The program is driven by a video with detailed instructions on how to perform the simulation exercises so anyone can facilitate the session - even an older child!
​The program can be used school wide with groups of varying size and could even be used to replace a regular movie during those rainy/snowy indoor recesses!!
​It can be used as a standalone autism awareness module or as part of an anti-bullying curriculum.  

What is included: ​​​​​​​​​
  • ​DVD of the program
  • A License Agreement which grants the right to use the                                         program for an unlimited period of time to educate an                                       unlimited number of people.                                                                                 ​Note: The program may only be used at the                                              purchasing location to educate persons affiliated with                                        the purchasing location.                                                                                     Click here to read a sample of the license.
  • Facilitator's Guide with a summary of the program and simulation exercises and sample follow-up questions to enhance the learning experience.
  • Dot-to-Dot
  • One Social Story / Coloring Book (additional books can be purchased separately)



Other Items Needed (Not included with the basic package, but may be purchased below) :

​'Magic' Glasses
Bubble wrap
Sanding Paper
​​​Oven mitt 

Clip Board​
                                                          DVD: $189.99
                                                     Blu Ray: $199.99​​



Basic Package
Includes:  Sheet of Foam, Sanding Paper, 'Magic Glasses' and pencil for each participant
Helping People Understand The World Of Autism
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Watch a few brief excerpts of the program
Additional Items: 
​(Program DVD/Blu Ray sold separately)
No.of Participant Sets:         5                    10                  15                   20                25
Price:​​                              $18.14             $33.57            $56.60            $71.35         $86.10 

No.of Participant Sets:        30                    35                  40                  45                50
Price:​​                              $105.35           $120.10          $134.85          $149.60        $171.50 

​Prices Include Shipping & Handling!
Basic Package Plus Oven Mitts
Includes: Sheet of Foam, Sanding Paper, 'Magic Glasses', pencil and oven mitt for each participant
No.of Participant Sets:         5                       10                  15                 20              25
Price:​​                              $47.60                $87.30           $124.78         $184.41      $220.66 

No.of Participant Sets:        30                       35                 40                 45              50
Price:​​                              $256.91              $293.16         $329.41         $365.66      $401.91 

No.of Participant Sets:         30                   35                 40                     45             50
Price:​​                              $223.75           $254.05         $285.15           $316.69       $347.68 

Basic Package Plus Clipboard
No.of Participant Sets:          5                   10                  15                    20              25
Price:​​                              $45.03             $79.48           $117.03           $162.21       $192.91 

Includes: Sheet of Foam, Sanding Paper, 'Magic Glasses', pencil and Clipboard for each participant

No.of Participant Sets:         30                  35                   40                  45                50
Price:​​                              $349.97          $406.00           $462.03          $518.05        $574.09 

No.of Participant Sets:          5                   10                   15                  20                25
Price:​​                              $67.26            $129.49           $190.99          $245.55        $297.75 

Includes: Sheet of Foam, Sanding Paper, 'Magic Glasses', pencil, oven mitt and Clipboard for each participant
Complete Package
Great Value!
Additional 'Magic Glasses'
No.of Glasses:                 5                    10                 15                  20              25
Price:​​                           $6.62              $10.87           $15.46           $19.88        $24.43 

No.of Glasses:               30                    35                 40                  45              50
Price:​​                         $27.39              $31.73           $35.90           $43.15        $44.65   


Additional Social Story/Coloring Books and Dot-to-Dot Activity Sheets
Note: The License Agreement allows unlimited copying of the Social Story/Coloring Book and Dot-to-Dot Activity sheets included in the program.
There is no requirement to purchase extra Social Story/Coloring Books or Dot-to-Dot Activity Sheets.
​Additional copies of the book and Activity Sheet are offered as a convenience to customers.
No.of Books & Sheets:          5                    10                   15                  20                25
Price:​​                               $10.45             $20.90             $25.85            $30.35         $34.85 

No.of Books & Sheets:        30                    35                   40                  45                50
Price:​​                               $36.35             $45.60             $50.85            $55.10         $59.35 

Note: Participants keep the 'Magic Glasses' at the end of the program to reinforce the issues discussed. 
As a result, additional glasses will be required periodically to prepare for future sessions.
Number of Participant Sets
Number of Participant Sets
Number of Participant Sets
Number of Participant Sets
Number of Book & Activity Sheet Sets
Number of Glasses