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Welcome To My World is a program designed for audience members aged 12 years and older, to help them understand why people with autism act the way they do.

During the presentation, participants learn about the seven parts of the sensory system and how the signals our brain receives from the receptors in our body control everything we do; both consciously and sub-consciously. The three main types of sensory processing disorders are discussed, particularly Sensory Modulation Disorder where a person's senses are either Hyper (over) sensitive or Hypo (under) sensitive to the environment around them. Many individuals with autism suffer from Sensory Modulation Disorder and it often causes them to react to the world in a different way to someone with a normally functioning sensory system.

The program examines the effect of sensory processing disorder on daily activities for a person with autism ​, with particular emphiasis on the following areas:
  • Communication and social interaction
  • Movement and motor skills
  • Pickiness / rigidity with regard to the clothing they will wear, the food they will eat and the places they will visit
  • ​Meltdowns.​​​​​​

Participants perform a number of simulation exercises throughout the program to allow them to experience first hand how annoying and frustrating sensory processing problems
Home Edition For Parents and Loved Ones (DVD)
School / Community Organization  Edition (DVD)
Welcome To My World

Available Formats

Live Presentation
Welcome To My World is currently only available as a live presentation. Presentations are limited to the Western Pennsylvania area.

Click here for more information or to schedule a presentation
can be. The exercises replicate how people with autism hear, see and feel the world around them and the problems with balance and body awareness they often face. Participants also receive a booklet at the conclusion of the training to use as a reference guide when relating the information contained within the presentation to real life scenarios.

​​Total Program length:  2 hours.   It may be split into individual, shorter  modules if required.

The scheduled release date for the DVD versions of "Welcome To My World"  is January 2015.