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or do you just want to talk to someone who understands? Come on in to our forum where you can connect with other parents and loved ones of someone on the spectrum and get support.
Do you have a milestone you want to share? Are you having a bad day? Do you need some advice
The brothers and sisters of children with ASD often get overlooked and may not always have
someone to talk to about how they feel. Sibling support is a forum designed just for them where they can connect with other kids who are in the same situation.

Borrow books and other materials that may not be available in your local library! We have a selection of:
  • Reference books
  • Work books
  • Novels
  • Work card sets

As the mother of a wonderful son with autism, I am very conscious of protecting his privacy and security and that of other families with loved ones on the spectrum. ​​To ensure all members of our community feel comfortable about sharing personal information about their families and loved ones on our forums, the forums are restricted to people who have a direct connection with someone with autism. In order to access these sections, you must first sign up to become a member of the Autism Atlas community. Membership is free. ​​We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

By ​​clicking on the sign-up link below, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the ​Disclaimers and Forum Policies.
The brothers and sisters of children with ASD often get overlooked and may not always have
Do you have a milestone to share? Have you got questions, do you need advice about your child 
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