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Helping people understand the world of autism

Our Mission

What is our Mission?

Autism Atlas, Inc.
PO Box 13183
Pittsburgh, PA 15243​​

(570)592 3694​​​​
EIN 46-4772453
Our mission is to increase understanding and acceptance for children with autism through education, advocacy and the development of community programs.
What is our Motto?
"Understanding + Empathy = Acceptance
encapsulates the beliefs and ideals that guide what we do.
What Do We Spend Our Money On?
A majority of the profit from the sales on the website and any donations we receive are used to directly fund our educational programs in schools and other community settings. Wherever possible, we provide our presentations at no cost to the institution.

​​We are run by volunteers and, as a result we have minimal overhead expenses. 

Jane Dunthorne​​​​