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              Understanding My Friends
​                          With Autism
                        (Home Edition)

For use with groups of more than 10 participants,
                       ​please see our School/Organization Edition

                                          Understanding My Friends With Autism
 is a program designed
                                          for children ages 5–11, to help them understand why children
                                          with autism act the way they do.

​​​The program is driven by a video made by a young girl called Charlene who has autism. She explains why children with autism like her frequently stim, have meltdowns, walk away from others for no apparent reason or find it hard to have a conversation with others. At specified times, there is a break in the video where the participants can perform simulation exercises to help them experience first hand how annoying sensory issues can be.

Topics covered:​​​​​​​​​
  • Communication
  • Social difficulties
  • Sensory issues: - Sight, Touch, Hearing, Smell
  • The need for routine

What is included: ​​​​​​​​​
  • ​DVD of the program
  • Parent's guide with a summary of the program and simulation exercises* and sample follow-up questions to enhance the learning experience.
  • One Social Story / Coloring Book (additional books can be purchased separately)
  • Two pairs of "magic" glasses (additional glasses can be purchased separately)
  • One sheet of bubble wrap for dot-to-dot activity 
  • One square of sanding paper

Other Items Needed (Not included in the package, but may be purchased separately) :

​Oven mitt 
Clip Board​ 

*The simulation exercises are explained in detail during the presentation​​. Many children will be able to watch the program and perform the exercises without adult supervision. It is highly recommended, however, that an adult participates in the presentation in order to enhance and personalize the learning experience. 

Oven Mitt

​(For use with 'Understanding My Friends With Autism')

Additional "Magic Glasses"

(Note: Two pairs are included in the 'Understanding My Friends With Autism' package)

​These glasses are also great for viewing holiday lights and firework displays!  ​​Get a pair for every member of the family!


Note: These oven mitts are sold to be used during the simulation exercises. Autism Atlas  does not guarantee their quality for any other use.




The clipboard is used during one of the simulation exercises in 'Understanding My Friends With Autism' to hold a dot-to-dot activity.
Helping People Understand The World Of Autism
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Watch a few brief excerpts of the program
                Additional Social Story Coloring Book

           ​​Note: One social story coloring book is included
                         ​ in the ​'Understanding My Friends With
                          ​Autism' package

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